We can eat a thing

Boom! Crepes and Trader Joe’s and flank steak and chevre and italian sausage and maple syrup.
It’s been a food week.
Sunday was a grill out at my dad’s. Got to see all the new gardens and eat burgers and hold the baby.
Monday, flank steak on the grill. I made a tasty marinade with orange and toasted cumin, it was nice. The high heat of the grill kind of killed anything subtle so you didn’t really get to taste anything but meat and meat and a bit of salt. No mind, it was delicious. I made up some herbed focaccia and marinated tomatoes in sesame and thyme. Toasted the focaccia slices on the grill, got them on the plates, covered them is sliced steak and smothered it in tomatoes and dressing. Was going to be all swanky and use the leftovers to make panzanella the next day… but there were no leftovers.
Tuesday was Trader Joe’s day!! You seriously do not realize how much you need falafel chips, chocolate mochi, orange sticks or a pack of cured spanish meats until you are standing there mumbling, “holy shit…felafel chips… mmm serrano ham… I need all the things!!!”. Mostly, though, I didn’t go crazy (but the impulsy shelves by the check out got me).
Today I have to make croutons out of the rest of the focaccia and do something with the giant ciabatta I bought for no reason yesterday. Something something cheese, garlic, red sauce something.
And the rest of this week is going to be “make the useful things!” chicken stock, sausage, mustard, maybe some more marmalade depending on what’s in ‘season’ at the grocery story.
The move to Vermont!! Along with making things that will only be given away as I don’t think I can use them all in the next 3 months I will also be filtering and packing and we have until late August to get these things done. Is it wrong to throw a goodbye party for yourself? I have not hosted a party in a very long time and I miss it. This might be my chance.

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3 thoughts on “We can eat a thing

  1. I always buy frozen edamame, chocolate covered espresso beans, and frozen bell peppers at Trader Joe’s, but I also often end up with fresh flowers. The last time I went, I bought tortilla chips that have quinoa and black beans in the name. DELICIOUS.
    And, definitely, throw yourself a party.

  2. totally throw yourself a party! I know we will when we get ready to move (unless we ask a friend to do it for us).
    and the food…. oh, you make such food!

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