Goodnight Flanagan

At the beginning of the month David and I had another opportunity to sit the farm… farm sitting… sitting on the farm. We sat the farm…
While we were farm sitting, Flanagan, the big old farm dog passed away. We’d gone out to run errands and have lunch with a traveling Pantster and buy a waffle iron. It was good.
We got back to the farm in the early afternoon, me and David and the dogs. We were, as usual, a tiny hurricane of activity busting into the house. Flanagan was in his favorite napping spot, snoozing away. He didn’t respond when we first came in but that was not surprising. I would remind you that back in February Chester and the 2 cats chased a squirrel all around the house (Chester, 2 cats, a squirrel, all together in the house!) and Flan couldn’t be bothered to even lift his head. Flan is straight up super-chill. I went over to pet him and say hello. He wasn’t sleeping.
He passed away doing one of his favorite things, taking a big old nap on his couch.
Flanagan and Maddie share a couch
Flanagan and Maddie in February.
Most of his favorite things involved getting into food and getting that food into him. He had me trained to feed him his breakfast before letting him out in the morning. He didn’t care about peeing, he cared about breakfast. He almost had me convinced that he would not ever go out to pee unless I gave him a biscuit. I did put an end to that pretty quickly. He put up with Maddie and Chester even though they stole his bed and bones.
I loved hugging his whole head, it was so big and calm. I’d jam my face onto his forehead and do super ear scritches.
If there is one thing over and over that I want to say, it’s that Flanagan was most definitely a very good dog.
Goodnight, Flanagan. I love you.