On the business of pork part 2

Part 1 here
Part 1 was how the pigs became pork. And then I used pork (but NOT the pork from the pigs at the harvest, this is all pork purchased at the meat counter across the street).
Last night I made sausage, delicious sausage. To make this I had a beef round bottom roast, trimmed pork loin, untrimmed pork shoulder and a lot of thick cut bacon.
For the seasoning I use some premixed sausage seasoning from Penzeys but always augment it with more herbs and spices for super deliciousness. I work roughly 1 tablespoon total of my spices to 1 pound of meat.

MMMM toasty fennel
For approximately forever I was missing the worm screw for my stand mixer grinder attachment. I finally bought the damned thing. I love that grinder, it chews up even the toughest sinew. Love it! I grind everything on the coarse grinder, I prefer that to the finer grind.
Ground round bottom
Ground pork loin
Pork loin
Unfortunately I didn’t get pictures of the pork shoulder or ground bacon, but you get the idea, pink and nubbly.
I made my regular spicy italian sausage and got about 4.5 pounds of that. I portioned that out to 8 ounce packages and froze it. That was just a thing. I make italian sausage regularly.
Then I wondered about my breakfast sausage. What is delicious for breakfast? Sausage is delicious, but so is bacon. Sometimes seems unfair to have to choose only one. Now you don’t have to choose! Made up 3.5 pounds of breakfast sausage and of that, a pound of it is ground bacon. Bacon sausage!! Broke those down to 6 ounce portions and wrapped and froze them.
And I mixed up delicious hamburger patty magic! I did 2/3 ground round to 1/3 ground pork loin and also about 8 ounces of ground bacon. Mixed all of them together with no seasoning and worked them into (roughly) 6 ounce patties. Got a total of 13 patties out of that. I made some up for dinner and wrapped and froze the rest to be easily thawed and cooked when we are feeling lazy.
I made up a really rich egg bread dough to be used for the hamburgers, a super decadent and delicious hamburger bun. And… I forgot to add the yeast. Solid pucks. I’ll be cutting and drying them and using them as dog treats.
My freezer is packed full of sausage and burger. It was a big production, all of my mixing bowls were dirty. I had to very carefully wipe down every surface afterward to make sure there were no jibbly-ickies left behind. There is something so satisfying about using something you made, whether it is my own sausage or a scarf made from wool that I dyed and spun and crocheted or cheese tart made with cheese I made. This is really what moving to Vermont means to me. I hope at some point to be able to participate in the pig cooperative and then make food with a pig I helped raise and slaughter. And then also eggs from my own chickens, chicken dinner from my own chickens, fruits and vegetables from my own garden, and trading jam for milk or something, I am glad we are here.

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  1. Well done! You’ll be doing all of that in no time my friend.
    For your breakfast sausage, next time add a little maple syrup, then you may have found perfection :)

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