Holy crap! Time is flying faster than a monkey with a Milton Berle figurine up its own butt!!

We’re moving! We’re doing it!
This is where I would moan on and on about how much I hate packing and moving. I’ve already done that and you know that. So, please, take a minute to close your eyes and imagine how much I don’t like it. Now imagine it again!..
David and the chickens
It’s going to be so much work but it will definitely be worth it.
The thing is, we’ve got a large, sort of nebulous goal and we’ve got a big, indistinct sort of map. We’re going to be trying a lot of new stuff and we’re going to have problems and make mistakes and screw shit up and stand up and try again.
Your smirks? I can see them. You’re not good at hiding them.
But, it doesn’t matter. David and I are a really good team and we’re excited! Except about the actual packing… we’re not excited about that. But you already know that.
The hardest thing of all? Leaving my sweet little niece! Every time I see her she is less of a lump and more of a person. I’m going to miss all those little changes.
How do I say goodbye to this?



Executive Viivi

Speaking of the moving and the goodbyes!! We’ve got 2 goodbye functions planned. If you haven’t seen them on Facebook and you want to join us please email, or ravelry message or facebook message or write your request on a 9×13 pan of brownies and get them to me and I will give you the details. We’ve got a bbq and pancakes!
New hair, new sunglasses