To beautiful Viivi Hazel

Welcome, Viivi
My little niece, how wonderful that you arrived! You’re probably tired, you’ll need some rest to help build up the energy you’ll need for our later adventures. I don’t have a complete list ready but so far we have: learn to swear, how to get out of cleaning your room, how to make perfect ‘mothers-day-breakfast-in-bed’ pancakes, what to do if there isn’t a toilet near by, how to taste cheese, crocheting, the legend of the moonboots, how to turn any surface into a functioning drum set, prepare rack of lamb, hair coloring, cheating at scrabble, bake chewy cookies, knowing puffy Cheetohs are far superior to the crunchy ones especially because no one wants to eat them and you get the whole bag to yourself, and AND AND how to get the entire planet to swing you, spin you all around the solar system