HIHIHIHi !H !H hihi

My name is Chester and I am the little dog that knows the thing that is all of the stuff. I do all the things that are so much fun like doing poohibbities at the dog park and yelling at the mailman!
A thing that is true is that I have a friend that is made of squirrel! Cna you even believe this! I am Chester 12Pound and all of the squirrels are a problem to me but this squirrel is a thing that is fat and also talks to me.
The thing that is this squirrels lives in the big sticky tree outside. When I do the thing to go outside for my poohibbities and piwis that fat squirrels is always in the tree and always making the noise which is “chk chk chk nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuts chk chk chk nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuts” and he says this to me probably because he wants nuts!
I used to try to yell at him and make him leave but he is not a squirrel that does run aways and I can’t reach him because he is in a tree.
The lady tells me that the squirrels is doing the thing that is get ready for winter! How is that even a thing? When I do the thing that is get ready for winter I get out my little coat! I do not do harassments to things (the lady did the thing that was pointing out that I do harassments all the time to everything regardless of the seasons)! How is doing harassments on me going to help with the wintertimes?
It doesn’t even make of the sense at all!. Sitting in a tree and saying “chk chk chk nuuuuuuuuuuuuts” has so many crazinesses!
I think a thing that would be cool is that the squirrel should say these things to the mailman and maybe the mailman will get attacked by the squirrel because that is how squirrels get ready for the wintertimes and then the squirrel can leave and the stupid mailman will never come back!!!
The mailman has 7 badnesses.