Can you even believe it?

{Bubbo note – Chester was trying to help cheer up a friend and maybe other people who needed cheer ups might also be cheered}
Hi hi HI HIHI!! Hi! Hi lady! My name is Chester and I am the dog that knows the thing that is all of the stuff. This is true, right! Another thing that is true is that I tell jokes to the dogs at the dog park and they all do the thing that is laugh and sometimes they laugh a lot and sometimes the boxers try to jump on me and I HATE THAT SO MUCH!!! What is wrong with the things that are boxers? Don’t they know the thing that is not jumping on me? I know this thing!! I know this thing because I am the little dog that has all of the smarts!
This is a joke that I like to say to the nice dogs:
“What does the man do if you do poohibbity on the grass?”…”HE PICKS IT UP!!!”
ha hahahahahahahhahhah OH MY GOD!! DID you do the thing that is read all of that joke! Sometimes when I say that joke I laugh until my nose does sneezes!! Can you even believe that?
“If it isn’t you or the other dog that is doing piwis by the tree then who is it? …”A DIFFERENT DOG!!!”
{bubbo note: Chester just went to lay down for a second, he laughs a bit too much at his own jokes}
“How many barks does it take to do the thing that is chase away the mailman?” …”More than me (Chester) because I am very good at barkings!!!” Get it? “More than me!!”
Also, do you want to know a crazy thing that is not even a joke?? This is a thing that happened but you might think that it is made of unbelievables, but my name is Chester and I am a dog that only tells the true things and I am not Bick Stickerson of W-Peef-Poff-N Super News making up the lies and all of the distortions and trying to win a Blazing Biscuit Award by saying untruths about me (Chester 12Pound of the Puff Snuzzle Action News Network!) You are going to be so surprised that the inside of you head will feel like a bowl of the Cheerios!
Oh my god! Okay! Hihih hIHIHhihi! My name is Chester and that is me
But I already did the thing that is tell you that and if you do the thing that is check at the top of this post you will know that I already gave you the tellings of my name (Chester)!
Real thing!! This happened and you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO BELIEVE THIS THING!
There was a day that was not Yesterday and was not a Monday but I know it was a day that we did the thing that was go to the dog park and I was there at the dog park and I was doing RUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUN! and I was doing piwis on everything and the man did the thing that was PICK UP THE POOHIBBITIES!!
{bubbo note: he’s laying down again, that’s his funniest joke}
I was doing all my RUNRUNRUN and Maddie was doing the thing where we both do the runnings but Maddie does the running on to the thing that is me and makes me do the rollovers and that is so much fun and then I do the thing where I try to do jumpings on to her back and that is also a thing that is SO MUCH FUN!!
And then! Can you even guess? REALLY?!! I found a thing on the ground that smelled SO GOOD!! Oh my god you do not have a way of knowing how much goodness was smelling out of that thing! I wanted to make yellbarks about how good it had with smells but I am Chester and I know a thing and that thing is to do quietnesses about smellgoods or else the other dogs will try to do takings and then you won’t have the smellgood.
Do you know what I did? I bet you know what I did because everyone is smart to know that I did the rollings all over that smell and I looked like this SZSZSZSZSZSZSZSZSZS all back and forth like all of the goodsmell needs.
But then do you know what happened? I am going to tell you a thing that happened but a thing that is true is that it is SO CRAZY! that you might think that it is the thing that is a make up but it isn’t it is all true or I am not the thing that is Chester 12Pound, trusted journalist and reporter for The Puff Snuzzle Action News Network!!
I was doing all of the squirmy rolls on the good smell and then stupidface stinkleg Bick Stickerson of WPPN and he was making pictures of me!! He tried to pretend that I was doing a thing to tell on the news!! I know that a thing that is true is that all of the things that I do should be made to the news so that all of the people and dogs know about how Chester I am! But this was just rollings in smellgoods, not being the thing that is super awesome!! He did a video of my ZSZSZSZSZSZSZSZ and I got up and I ran at him and I did so many barkings at him and he did the runaways and I was the Chester!
But then another thing happened and I know that this is going to be SO CRAZY that you will think that I am doing fakeries at you, but this is everything that is true!
I was at the home and I was doing the thing that was hiding all my bones when Lester Big Easy {bubbo Note: that’s my dad’s cat} called to tell me to watch the thing that was WPPN news but why would I look at stupidnesses and dumberies and also! Lester! Why are you watching such doofusness?? But then I turned on WPPN and a thing that is true
you won’t believe this!
A thing that is true is that I was on the tv but not on PSANN!! I was on WPPN and it was a video of me doing ZSZSZSZSZ squirm arounds on the good smells but!! BUT!! They did the thing of blur pixels over my weenus and said I was doing NUDITY DANCES!! At the dog park!!
Can you even believe this thing??
Can you???
I was not doing nudity dances!!! I was doing rollarounds!!
Stupid Bick Stickerson!! He always does the untrues and all the people believe him and he has2 Flaming Biscuit awards and I only have one but I am going to do a thing that is win a Flaming Biscuit and then when I go to the place to get the thing that is my award I am going to tell everyone that I was not doing nudity dances.
But even another thing is that Maddie did laughings about it! She did laughings because she thought it was funny to pretend about me doing the nudity dances! I was SO MAD!! That I hid ALL OF MY BONES UNDER THE BED!! And I did not take them out for 3 hours! That is how MAD I was.
But a thing that is true is that I am not mad in the right nows because I did a thing that was do a video of Bick Stickerson doing buttdrags on his grass and I am going to show it on the PSANN!! And We will all do laughings!
This is a thing that happened!
“What is fat but not smart?” …”A squirrel!!!”
This is a picture of me laughing

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  1. It’s been a long time. A very long time…and I see that finally you have succumbed to the madness that foamed and bubbled within you. It was only ever a matter of time. As for me, I’m not far behind you. You said when you first saw me that I looked unharmed by the world. Well I had become beautifully civilised but at what terrible cost. It’s not a problem now though as my very humanity has been overthrown and I sink toward a palaeolithic state. I have been vampired by life. Still in a world that everyday shouts atrocity and massacre I’ve probably gotten away lightly. It is some consolation to find you still here. Keep going x

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