Spin Monkey

In February 2008, on a whim, as a joke, with no real purpose in mind I started a little group on Ravelry.com. I called it “Bubbo’s Pants” with the idea that everyone who joined would automatically be in my pants. My pants are huge, voluminous even, they hold lots of people.
I didn’t make any hard and fast rules about the group or its focus, to be honest, I did not expect the group to go past the ‘silly joke’ phase…except it did. Still, though, no real ‘rules’ were set down. Mostly, I figured there were enough places on the internet where people could be unabashed jerks to each other, places where ‘honesty’ was considered synonymous with ‘douchebaggery’. I didn’t want my group to be like that. I wanted something different. And I got it!
The Pants, as the group is called, has grown into quite a juggernaut of awesome. It’s a place where people who need help or support can go to find it without judgment or criticism. We give advice, comfort, opinions and support in an open and somewhat playful manner. In short, the group is everything I had hoped it would be.
So, what does this all have to do with the pictures above?
Well, the People of The Pants are a sneaky lot! They will form secret, private groups away from the main group! They will use these groups to coordinate secret plots to help bring cheer and love to someone who is going through a particularly rough patch. Sneaky little monkeys they are! As my birthday approached, they formed one of these secret groups. Their secret plot? To get me a spinning wheel. Oh yes, a spinning wheel! I’d been missing the spinning wheel I had, one that was borrowed and had to be returned to its owner.
I love spinning yarn. It’s rhythmic and relaxing, it’s an act of comfort as well as an act of creation.
They did it, these Pantsters of mine, they coordinated their efforts and for my birthday they sent me a Louet S10 spinning wheel and a bunch of delicious fiber as well as a giant birthday card, a painting of my Rastapotomus (more on that later), gift cards and so much more.
I have a spinning wheel! My own spinning wheel! I can sit down and create yarn once again.
They keep me humble, yes they do. Whenever I stop to think, “hey! I made a pretty cool community!” they surprise me with acts of generosity and love that I can not ever take any credit for. It is a group that is somehow greater than the sum of its members. I am immensely proud of my association with them.
I cannot thank them enough for this gift, not just the spinning wheel (which is awesome) but the gift of this community, the gift of their friendship and support and love.

5 thoughts on “Spin Monkey

  1. What wonderful people! I am so happy you now have a spinning wheel. We can all look forward to the fabulous outpourings wending their way through your fingers. My love to you and the Pants.

  2. You too can take credit for the Pantsters! Even we who were unaware of the group have been checking your blog, and worrying, and wondering what we could do ’cause we knew you were down, and now we know where to go for news and info. Absolutely beautiful roving and yarn–dreamy, yummy. You put out a lot of love into the universe Heather, I’m glad it’s coming back. Happy B-day, and many more!

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