oh, hello there

What’s happening here? Houses are happening here!
We’re back in the market for a house. I’ve been equating house hunting to internet dating. You get a page of stats, a few interesting descriptions and some photos taken in strange light at unreal angles. Later, however, you realize the person across from you isn’t really listening to you, they’re just trying to figure out which scalpel would be best for removing your adenoids.
Internet dating…house hunting
same thing, different odors.
But, after lots of looking and surprise and more looking and “what the fuck is that smell??” we found a place. This place is Cutey McCuterson from Cutefield Falls, it sits on 3 (THREE!!) city plots (a city plot is generally 40×128 give or take, this is on 120×128) behind the property is a city park and the city saw fit to install a 50 foot wide neutral zone of trees between the residential area and the park, so basically its a big old yarn with a big old wooded area right behind it and then through the trees you can just barely make out the park. Nice.
We put in our offer and we are waiting to hear back. The man who owns it is in a nursing home, there’s a non-profit working as the executor of his estate, before they can accept an offer it has to be approved by a judge. It adds a few days to the process but ultimately I am happy that it is there. It means that there are systems in place to make sure this guy’s best interests are taken care of. Yeah, I’d like to know if the offer has been accepted, but I can be patient.
If we get it…GIANT YARD!!! big old deck in the back, great yard for the dogs, tons of gardening, 3 bedrooms so I can have my own studio. The kitchen is fuggedy but over time we will make that better. Also it’s pretty close to my dad’s house and I found that really comforting. I’m not sure why, but when I realized it, I was pretty happy.
We could close as early as mid-september!
If anyone would like to come and pack up my shit in exchange for pizza and your own take home bag of dog poop, please let me know. Even if you don’t want to pack but just want some pizza I’ll still give you the bag of dog poop! absolutely free!
anything else?
well, I jacked my left wrist but I’m not sure how. My wrist hurts when I type or crochet or think about m&m’s. that sucks (typing this hurts!)
the other night the dogs were rumpling around on the bed and boom! Chester smacked my hand and managed to throw my entire glass of wine in my face. Insane.
um hi!
not much else!

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  1. Three lots! I am sick with envy. My house is on a 30′ x 100′ lot and my neighbours are all jerks. I could sure use some more space between me and them.

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