Things that I have been doing (abridged version)

In no particular order and with very little in the way of segues, this is what I have been doing.
I took a quickie one night Indian cooking class with Levi. He and Alexis had signed up for the class but she had to work and he asked if I was interested. Sure! I went, it was good, I was reminded of how much I love Indian cooking. So, I went to TBS Mart on the recommendation of the teacher. It was okay, not the best Indian market I’ve been to. It had a lot of stuff but almost none of it was labeled or priced in such a way that I could figure out how much it was or if it was what I was looking for! Either way I dropped $65 on rice, dal, paneer, those tiny eggplants, and various and sundry other tasty bits.
Made up a huge huge pot of curried toor dal with seitan, the tiny eggplant, onion, tomato, the little cucumber thingies, carrots and sweet potato. First night we had it on basmati, the next two days we ate it with fresh chapatis. Delicious.
Saturday night was wholesome fun night with the Lee Brothers! We went over to their place for dinner and cards. John does a lot of very traditional Chinese cooking so it’s always a treat to go over there. Squid with sesame and black bean sauce, a stir fry of tofu, baby bok choy and mushroom (I can’t remember what the sauce was) and then whole mackerel with black bean sauce. Sadly, I just have never been able to eat mackerel, too oceany-fishy-strong for me. Everything else was delicious as usual. Afterwards we drank tea and played asshole until 1am (with an ice cream break in there).
Sunday the Lee Brothers joined us for brunch with Alan and his new ladyfriend, Alex. I’m beginning to realize that while Sunnyside Up Cafe has some tasty items on their menu, most things are only okay and something always gets messed up and their coffee is not very good. But they do have nice big tables in the sun which is nice for big groups.
Alan and Alex headed out to do the things that gooey new couples do and David and I headed over to the MayDay festival in Powderhorn Park with the Lee Brothers. Being tired and not necessarily feeling the greatest because of the Great Effexor Drift Down Experiment I found a spot on a hill to watch the parade from above and let David and the guys go stand in the crowds. I crocheted, watched the parade, played with other people’s dogs and soaked up the sun. The parade and the Tree of Life ceremony are always interesting, but really, they are kind of the same every year. I go for the people watching. Thousands of people from true societal outcasts to Volvo station wagon driving, expensive-handmade-by-indigineous-people-fair trade clothes wearing, earth-mother loving suburbanites, to outlandish thugs, to anything you can imagine. They’re all there and they’re all having a great time.
Being White McWhiterson from Whitefield Park I managed to get some sunburn on my neck, face and hands. Oh well, it was worth it.
Had lunch with Ms Mary this week. I missed her. We had cheap chinese buffet and caught up on the news and gossip and all the weird happenings taking place at MCAD since I left.
Also….coffee with Patty, pancakes with April, coffee and crochet with Cristy. It was a good week for getting out of the house and reacquainting myself with the world.
Some new roving is drying, getting ready for spinning. Some other roving has been spun and needs to be plied. More sweaters for felting means more new things to oooogle about!
Mostly I think that’s it. I’ve got some more political rantings queued up in my head so, you know, fair warning and all.
OH ALSO!! Have Twizzlers changed or am I just not remembering them correctly? The cherry ones taste like cough medicine and the strawberry ones taste like nothing.

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