I was unwilling to hope. After the 2004 election I learned that no matter what what I think will happen, the electorate will always surprise me. Even this evening I was skeptical.
This is America, people. This is everything this nation stands for. That anyone, regardless of race or social background can climb that ladder. I have always felt a certain pride in America. It’s not perfect, in some ways we are tragically flawed, but the framework is there and it is strong. Our flaws can be fixed, we can survive, we can come back.
This is every thing that I love about America. This is what I learned to believe in.
Tonight, we are finally America.
And it feels phenomenol.

5 thoughts on “History

  1. Yes yes YES! This is what this country is about – this election is a great example of what Americans can be. I believe Obama can finally unify this country. I was afraid to hope, but now I am not.

  2. Yes. We are finally America. And we are also again part of the world, instead of existing in a bubble where no one else existed. Life will be good again.

  3. Martin Luther King is my hero. I wonder what he would have had to say following this election? It is a proud day for America.

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