oh do you think

I forgot my camera last night. I wanted to get pictures of the dogs romping at the dog park. Is there a happier place on earth? If there is, I don’t want to know about it, I don’t think my mind could handle it.
Chester’s becoming snappy with bigger dogs. In many ways this is fine dog to dog language, but no one is really comfortable with a dog snapping at their dog, especially a little dog with such fucking huge canine teeth. They’re like sabers in his mouth or something. I think the saddest thing was the black and white spaniel retriever type dog that was excited by it! He kept bugging Chester until Chester would snap at him and then run trying to get Chester to chase him. Chester hated this. Ironically, this is EXACTLY what Chester does to Maddie, bug the shit out of her until she decides to chase him and kick his ass.
Man, I need a day off, something in the middle of a week would be nice, get stuff done outside, take the dogs around the lake while it’s not busy, just be outside with spring.
Speaking of…the migrating loons have stopped off at Lake Hiawatha. I look at them every morning on the way to work and I want to stop to tell them I will see them later in the summer when we head up to the BWCA again. Chester loves the BWCA!

Craftstravaganza this weekend, be there or be found in cheap clothing and accessories made by Chinese orphans!!!