Whatever happened to

Whatever happened to Midnight Oil? Are they the Chumbawumba of the 80’s?

  • David and I did valentines early, dinner at the Red Stag. All I have to say is you can keep your powdered tiger’s penis and oysters and what have you. Duck confit on toast points with hand made mustard is what I’m talking about.
  • One day I am going to punch the news in the face. Or I’m going to punch every one in the face. Can we please stop being dicks? Let’s stop shooting people or kicking them off their ancestral lands or whatever it is that people are doing that is dicklike behavior.
  • Relatedly…in response to the whole warrantless wiretapping bullshit…America is safer when we follow the RULES. We have a system in place, it’s not perfect but it is a good system, a solid system of checks and balances that allows each branch of government to keep track of the others. Getting a warrant is a way of saying ‘i’ve done my job in a thorough and honest manner’ and then you can have someone else say ‘you are right, this is thorough and honest’ or ‘though your intentions may be correct, your evidence is lacking’. Warrants are not hard to come by and if you are tapping phone lines then it’s not like you have the immediacy of someone standing with a gun somewhere, and if that were the case, a warrant would not be necessary. Call me an idealist, I know that I am, but if you are honest and doing your job well, then there should be no reason to avoid asking for a warrant. If you say you want to keep America safe then that means that you keep all of it safe, not just the bits you like. I’m not a doomsayer, I am not one who sees or believes in conspiracies, but I will say this, when the government starts acting as a separate, independent entity and stops acting as an extension of the people then the government has lost its focus and the people have forgotten their responsibility.
    Dissent is the highest form of patriotism.
  • okay, I have to start the pork enchilada process in the crock pot (trust me) and shower and whatnot before Julie’s plane lands!
  • oh, yeah, the dogs are good and healthy. David is sweet and awesome. It’s 12butt cold outside and I have 2 (TWO!) of those poky, hurtey taste bud things on my tongue. Where do these come from? It’s like 2 taste buds decided to get all pissed off and explode! Assholes.

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  1. Chumbawamba ROCKS. They had like ten years of committed rocking before and after the comparatively jejune “Tubthumping” and yes I have those albums and they are very musically-accomplished for a bunch of anarchists from Leeds.

  2. I’m afraid of our government. Or rather the idiots in charge. The consequence of their actions is going to come down on us all some day.

  3. The lead singer of Midnight Oil Peter Garrett joined the Australian Labor Party and is now Australia’s Minister for the Environment. He has compromised on many of the beliefs he espoused in the 1980s and was last seen signing off on an agreement to woodchip an old growth forest in Tasmania. Sigh…

  4. Those pokey, hurty tastebuds are LIE BUMPS. It means you either fibbed slightly or more likely, due to the multiple nature of the bumps, told a Big Fucking Lie. Either way, don’t eat anything spicy or sour and they will go away. Saying Hail Mary’s does not help. Rinsing with a solution of 8 oz water mixed with 1 tsp baking soda does. Cheers.

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