80 Pages

am 80 pages into The Lemon Tree and already I know I can only read it in very small chunks at a time. I get so pissed I literally can’t form sentences about why I am so pissed.
I’ve always felt that the Palestinians were dealt a blow of the most horrific injustice when they lost their land, but this book really sets out step by step what happened.
Every step of the way I get pissed reading this. I’m hoping that the personal stories offer some sort of internal resolution since there is no real answer anymore for the people in the area.
Read this book.
In other news, I went back to work today. The office can survive without me for 2 weeks. This is good to know. On the other hand, Anna managed to lose my electric stapler!!! ANNA!!! I still need that.
Tonight my mom and my sister too me out to sushi for an early birthday dinner (my mom is flying out to new hampshire tomorrow and won’t be in town for my b-day). I’ll write later about the evil waitress who hated me and insulted americans (she said we were messy).