I voted

oh yes I did. Here’s how the whole deal unfolded…
1) Looking at the candidates. Not much new but I hadn’t really looked at the library or the park board people. So I look. Weird. A guy I used to know is running for park board. I never figured him for political or anything, but there it is. So, Jason, I’d have never pegged you for the job, hell, I would never even have figured you wee so into the parks, but I voted for you. What the hell, you know?
2) On the way to the Keewaydin Community Center to vote I twisted my ankle on a rock and fell down bashing my knee. This would be a bigger deal, except I fall down all the damned time. If you ever see a weeble-wobble splayed out on the sidewalk somewhere in minneapolis you can safely assume it is me.
3) I voted, I even carefully wrote down my selections beforehand. I got my red sticker.
4) When you fall down on the sidewalk you get to have a hamburger for dinner. This is a true rule. I got my hamburger.
5) Now I am watching ‘Fishing With John’ with the boy and the doogles. My knee hurts.
Did you vote? You should have!