I love that every morning i have 30 minutes to sit in the quiet of my house, listen to NPR, surf the web, read my emails and watch the dogs go back to sleep.
I love that we actually got a real autumn this year. The climate was certifiably ‘cool’ and ‘chilly’, the leaves turned real fall colors.
I love the way my dogs smell. No one else on the planet loves dog smell the way I do, I bury my face in my dogs and inhale.
I love chick pea patties with chevre, roasted sweet potatoes, sauteed kale and mint chip ice cream.
I love songs about escaping and starting over (you’ll have to scroll down the “train to chicago” this is the only page I could find with the lyrics to that song) especially in the fall when the dread boulder of winter threatens to chase me down the hill. I live my escape fantasies in my songs and get it out of my system and come home and look at the dogs and the boy and the dishes and happily realize that all I could never fit it all in my car for a fast getaway.
I love shopping for legos online.
I love wearing a black bra with a white shirt and not caring how trashy I look.
I love that i am ending this post simply because I have to pee