Yeah, okay, so here’s your update. Or something. First off, a shout out the my homies in Amsterdam. Who are you?
I am officially incredibly sick of Pizza Luce. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good food, but I’ve eaten so damned much of it lately. You just can’t give people Dominos in exchange for helping you pack when you offer up pizza and beer as a reward. So Luce it is and I’ve had enough. Tonight it’s thai food.
Last night was night number 4 at almost no sleep in this current stretch of insomnia. There are a combination of factors, the change with weather, the stress of the move, the strange schedule that is my life. I’ve been in patchy insomnia for about 3 months now, but this particular stretch has been tough because I am hardly even dozing at night and when I do the dreams are bright and scary and intense. Well, except I also had a dream that David was dressed up like a mock star with pleather pants and bad attitude. So bizarre. So not him. Made me laugh when I got up.
I photodocumented parts of my weekend! Sadly, the pictures are on my computer at home and I only have time to update at work. I’ll try to get pictures up. Photos feature: Dog Park, How to Make a Nutritious Breakfast, Where I am Going to Live.
I took yesterday off work to relax my brain in some quiet and pack stuff and meet my dad and his brother for lunch. It was a very very good day off. I had cocoa pebbles for breakfast. I love cocoa pebbles. Seriously, with my lack of sleep things like cocoa pebbles become valid conversation points.
The sadness of packing up your house is coming across something with intense sentimental value and not being able to share that with anyone. You can only take the picture, or note, or bauble and put it in a box and hope the next time you see it it will only be an object. I get too attached to things, I assign emotion to things.