Shout out

This past week or so has been one with much anger and enmity. I’ve written much and deleted it on the advice of my friends. So, let’s not talk about what’s pissing me off, I have another place for that where i can say all that needs to be said and I’m the only one who can see it. Let’s talk about my friends who do what they can to keep me out of trouble, keep me amused and entertained and most importantly, listen to me when i need it.

Let’s me clear here…there is no order to this after Ethan, I want no calls and emails saying "but…but…but…"

Ethan gets to go first because while generally I am opposed to playing favorites, Ethan is my dearest and closest friend. We met quite by accident back in 2001 while using Email Roulette. After an entirely too fun, made up on the spot pseudo-sparring match we discovered much in common, we discovered many differences and we became instant friends. Over the years we’ve worked on projects together, we’ve confessed our sins and we’ve playing any number of word games for our own amusement. Ethan knows me better than almost anyone and he’s my go-to man for solid advice. He has no problem telling me to ‘get over’ something, or to tell me that it is in fact okay to be hurt and offended. he, like many of my friends, worries about my health and wants me to quit smoking (I have). He also comes to me for advice and most importantly, listens and follows my advice. He has the loveliest girlfriend, just a real sweetheart that I’m looking forward to seeing again in September, as well as two of the coolest cats and the best dog second only to mine.
When I need someone to hate my enemies for me, give me make up advice or be unfailingly loyal even if I am being unconscionably irrational I go talk to Alex. I met him sometime in 2001 or early 2002 as well. A dear friend as different from Ethan as night and day. Quite possibly one of the smartest people I know. Not just incredibly smart but incredibly well versed on current events, history, science and politics. I’m going to see him in 3 weeks, we’re going to take the trip to the Keys that we’ve been planning forever and ever, I can’t wait. I’ve had the joy of sharing my kitchen with him more than once and it was entirely rewarding. He loves to cook and we have a great time doing it. He will truly hate my enemies for me, even the slightest insults will raise his ire. he’s one of many who have listened to me whine and comforted me in the dark times. he is the one I go to when for a moment I need to hear "you are totally right" even if I secretly know i am not. I believe I met Alex when he responded to this. I know he had been talking to the other plinko girls at the time, but he and I had not started talking until he read that. I could be wrong. I usually am.
Mark smells of pea soup, is the master of the new music scene, and a total goof. I’ve only known mark a short time, a year and a half maybe, but we hit it off instantly. Another friend who listens to me and gives advice and comfort when I need them. he goes out of this way to make me feel welcomed and entertained when I go visit him, tolerating my obsession with hippos and sushi and ice cream. I talk to Mark everyday, sometimes twice a day and we jabber on about everything and nothing. The keen "Eff for Rent" picture on his site was taken by me!
Jason also answered the final exam when it came out and that’s how I met him. We goof, we talk, we write and we go long periods with no contact at all, but every time I’ve been out to DC we’ve fallen into conversation so easily and so comfortably that I never question that he’s my friend. He introduced me to dim sum and loves moon-bounce parties with russian models (or something like that). We keep talking about doing a project together but we’ve not had the time to get it together. Jason, let’s get it together and get a project started. Also, were you serious about NYC? let me know.
I do also have female friends! Michelle and her outspoken cousin Elena are the poster children for strong women. I love having them around, being able to talk to them, get advice, hash things out and just do the whole girl thing. They got my back when I need it and aren’t afraid of anything. At least I don’t think they are. Truly good and kind. I wish they could join us in the keys. I really really do!
Owen cuts my hair, goes to brunch, gossips, gets me inebriated, laughs, makes me feel strong and beautiful on those days that I am neither. he likes my cooking, but we still need to make the veal piccata dinner together (was it veal, baby?). He used to just be the guy in the salon that transformed my hair, now he’s so much more to me.
My sister might not TECHNICALLY fall under the friend category but there she is. After years of not talking to each other we found ourselves more grown up, more mature and more ready to be sisters rather than siblings. I was adopted as a teenager, she was only 3 months younger than I was, all the attention, the allowance, the time her parents spent was suddenly divided with another, but she was always gracious about it. She was generous and kind and now that we’re more grown up we can see each other as friends. We’ve had our differences, but the luck of the family forced us to remain close even when we probably would have drifted apart. I’m very veyr lucky to have her.
I would link to Alan’s site but he hasn’t updated in forever and when he did last update he was all cranky and shit. Alan, update your website and tell them all about how you taught me about baseball and how I helped you pick out fish and how you owe me pancakes and all that. Do it Alan.
Dáithí doesn’t have a website, so i can’t link to him. I can’t even properly describe him. We spent a week in Oregon a little over a year ago and I can tell you i have never laughed so hard for so long in my life. One of the most talented wordsmiths I know, it is always a joy to talk kto him. He’s one of the few people who gets me flustered to the point of being unable to speak. He also introduced me to Geoff with whom I have also spent hours talking, but, sigh, I never hear from Geoff anymore.
Oooh and one more female friend! Julie and I have known each other for a little while now but in the last couple of weeks have really gotten to know each other. We share a mutual discomfort and have spent a lot of time comparing notes and learning a lot and clearing a lot of things up. We’ve also just taken the time to get to know each other. She might be the girliest girl I know, sso it’ll be interesting to get that perspective on things. In her friendship, I have learned to not second guess myself so much, to trust my instincts to be correct and to be strong. These are good lessons to learn.
We can’t forget David, but I will keep what I say on him brief because I like keeping him to myself. We met at the end of October, i wasn’t looking for anything serious, just something fun. 10 days into it we had our first serious talk and we were off. He gives me perspective, he reminds me to stay grounded, he tolerates my crankiness but pulls me back in when I go too far. He’s generous and kind, goofy, smart and fun. He likes my dog and you gotta appreciate a guy who likes your dog.
Now I just KNOW that I have gone and forgotten you and I KNOW I will get another call saying, "what about me!". If I missed you, call me. Or something.