A little bit of this…a little bit of that
I’m tired. I’m hovering on the edge of illness with a gland in my neck swollen to the size of a beach ball. I’m chugging vitamin c and eating cheetoh (which are orange and orange is healthy. Guacamole doritos are green and green is healthier, I’m gonna pick some of those up as well!). I’m hoping to rest a lot this weekend. As much as I want the house to be shown and to sell, I’m hoping the showings get grouped together so I am not running out into the cold every couple hours.
House…market…blah blah blah…vacuum doesn’t work well…blah blah blah…speaking of which…
Dear Guy Who Installs ‘For Sale’ Signs,
My driveway divides my front yard into two neat sections. One section is very very small, the garden in that section is a clearly defined raised bed with decorative bricks edging it. There is only grass in front of it, no flowers or other plants. This is very obvious to the naked eye, even with the snowfall.
The other side of my driveway is a very large section of my front yard. The front 1/3 of my yard is flower garden. This is very easy to discern by the trellis, the decorative bricks, the wood chips, the cut back shrubs. Did you honestly have to drill RIGHT INTO A SHRUB??? Did you have to do it right into a shrub in the most bulb intensive section of the garden?
Is that blank look of utter confusion something you practice at night so you are ready when pissed off homeowners come flying out of their houses? Is “well, you’re selling it anyway” a valid excuse in your world? Is it really so hard to knock on the door and ask? I mean a car running in the driveway is a pretty good indicator that the person who lives in the house is in the house and probably awake and coherent.
One day you will lose a leg in a bizarre chipper/shredder accident. When you ask the doctor what he can do to help you walk again, the doctor will reply, “meh, you’re gonna die someday anyway, you won’t need to walk then. Will you?”
With much enmity

I was doing a little research today and found this. It’s some scary stuff, that sociopathic tendency, because it blends so well into daily life.
Further proof that I have the coolest friends on the planet…
One of my friends spent the day moving 18th century and older corpses from a deconcecrated church graveyard to a new cemetary. He also met Kevin Spacey for the second time while in London for his birthday.
This weekend is relaxing, recuperating, IHOP, fish shopping (aquarium not dinner), maybe roller-derby depending on how sick I am.
Last night I finally saw ‘Say Anything’. I love John Cusack, but I can not for the life of me figure out what he sees in the girl. Seriously, she’s about as interesting as a bottle of lotion. Sure she’s ‘brainy’, but not brainy in a goofy fun-facts, kick your ass at trivial pursuit kind of way. Just brainy in a ‘they said she was brainy during the exposition so she must be’ sort of way.
As much as I want to believe everyone is responsible for the consequences of their bad choices, it doesn’t make it any easier to watch.
It’s snowing like stupid mad outside. Shovelling and pasta and cocoa are on the menu for tonight.
I’m becoming too homebody-ish again. I need tobe going out more and seeing my friends more. I need my friends to come to minneapolis and see me!
I’ve only scratched the surface here. This has actually been an emotionally tough week, I’ve spent too much time whining on the phone to my mother.
Good luck and remember, the best way to keep yourself safe from demons is to not let them in the house in the first place.