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Weekend update in amazingly boring bullet point style. You know you hate me and my lazy posting. Honestly, I can’t decide between quantity and quality…stick with what you know…you get quantity.
* A tired dog is a happy dog so Ghengis goes to the dog park as often as I can manage. Right now the place is a mud pit with all the melting snow and whatnot and therefore my car is also a mud pit. Usually having a muddied up car would be upsetting (it’s everywhere, even the center console) but I figure it’s worth it to have a happy dog. Besides, the car wipes clean. Today a dog tried to beat Ghengis up and the dog’s asshole owners were no where to be seen. Apparently AssDog was entirely under the control of 2 pre-teen kids. One was a girl who tried to stop AssDog from being such a prick, the other was a boy who was encouraging AssDog. You don’t want to get in the middle of pissed off dogs, it’s scary. What scares me more about AssDog than anything is that while Ghengis is small, he’s unaccountably strong and he doesn’t really realize it. I don’t want him pushed beyond control and actually hurt another dog. I don’t want to deal with that. He’s an incredibly good natured and sweet dog, but he was really starting to get pissed. He’s like the Incredible Hulk of the Dog world. Except he’s cute.
* Got a subscription to the New Yorker, didn’t realize it came out so often. Guess this will be another magazine that I read in giant spurts.
* House goes back on the market on Tuesday and at the original asking price as well. I’ve completely lost interest in this whole house selling thing, I just want to be done with it so I can put this entire decade behind me. It’s the last thing tying me to the past and I want it gone.
* What the fuck happened to being 31? I remember turning 30, I remember 30 being a good year. Suddenly I’m turning 32. What the fuck happened? I’ve got a couple months left to make ’31 year old’ memories. Better make them good.
* Down to one cigarette a day. I’m told I am crankier and more terse than usual. I’m not my regular, bubbly self. Sigh. Amends will be made, I promise.
* Got special super cheap pre-sale tickets to the Austin City Limits Festival! 2 three day passes cost me less than 1 three day pass. Good deal for me and Ethan! If Ethan and I only get to see each other once a year for the rest of our lives then the ACL festival is as good a reason as any to get together. This time we’ll know to bring more whiskey (and water).
* In a fit of boredom I went and studied Yahoo Serious’ career.
* There’s a bottle of wine, a book (Hans Helmust Kirst ‘The Wolves’) and a hot bath calling my name.
* Speaking of wine, they need to build a Trader Joes in Minneapolis. I went through 1 1/2 cases of wine between early November and New Years just from entertaining guests and dating someone who likes my cooking and drinks wine with it. I need a good source of cheap, reliably good wine, I need case discounts!
* My dog looks remarkably nude without his collar on.
* You can go to Target, you can spend 2 hours in there, you can look in every section, you will never find the lint traps for the wash machine discharge.
* I have to stop writing about my dog.
* The tub calls my name…