The Ghengis Cerebellum

May as well change the name now!
Tonight, The Ghenginator and I went over to my dad’s for dinner. I went to talk to my dad, Ghengis went to play with the other dog’s toys. After dinner and a couple hours of conversation and puppy play in the back yard and gardening tips we were sitting in the dining room chatting. Ghengis got up, wandered over to the screen door and started pushing. As I was getting up to take him out he pushed his way onto the 3 season porch and then pushed the next screen door out to the front steps. As I casually said “don’t worry, he hasnt figured out how to go down stairs.” he hopped his way gracelessly down the stair.
I didnt want to panic, it’s not a busy street, plus I had to remember what we learned in puppy kindergarten, “A puppy will run in the same direction as you”. I didnt want to run at him and have him run into the street. Didn’t matter, he trotted out into the street, turning back to see if i would follow. I did. He went right over to my car, went to the passenger side and waited for me to let him in.
The puppy had decided he was tired, remembered how to get to the car and brought me over there. he might be smarter than I thought.
Also, how do you tell a puppy that even if you are very proud of him for capturing a june bug, he still could not bring it into the house. He looked so very proud sitting there with a wriggling beetle in his mouth.
My dad and step mom and I ran the little guy ragged this evening. He’s passed out next to me. It’s a comforting thing, the loyalty of a dog.

Best Quote Today

“My mother doesn’t order anything with ice because ice causes gas”
Don’t need to hear another thing from anyone else again today. This is the only statement that carries any meaning, but I don’t know what that meaning is.

I wish

I wish that when you have one of those days where suddenly all the clues fall into place, and all the weirdness suddenly starts to make sense that it had more to do with a birthday surprise than a bad news surprise.
Today is not a birthday surprise day, today is an “oh, shit, I overstayed my welcome” surprise day.
I don’t like these days at all.

Word Power and Serendipity

The other night I am lying in bed and i am wondering to myself, “I wonder what doyenne means.”.
Seriously, I was.
It’s a good word, fills your mouth and rolls around on your tongue, even when you say it in your head. Doyenne.
So, I get the Word of the Day email this morning and there it is, the definition for the word doyenne:
doyen \DOY-en; DWAH-yan\, noun:
1. The senior member of a body or group.
2. One who is knowledgeable or uniquely skilled as a result of long experience in some field of endeavor.
doyenne \doy-(Y)EN; dwah-YEN\, noun:
A woman who is a doyen.
Wow! Really. Now i can move on to my newest word related quest, finding the single word that encompasses “under the pseudo-calm I’m seething and ready to punch”. Perhaps something that would indicate a hidden, but tightly coiled anger.