Generally, in any given situation, I’m the one who causes everyone else to be uncomfortable. Today, at lunch, I was trumped by one of my officemates.
He told us about his dreams. Good lord.
The second dream had him careening wildly about in a child-molester style van with Kid Rock in the back. His lack of dream state driving skills ended with Kid Rock being bisected in a gory accident.
This doesn’t bother me so much, in fact, I can only hope that he has some sort of precognition and this dream will come true. I’ll buy him a chocolate malt if it does.
The other one makes me want to invest in a cattle prod to keep him at a safe distance. In this dream he was riding in a beautiful royal carriage as part of an extravagant wedding procession. His lovely bride? None other than Alyssa Milano.
We all have dreams that we’re not proud of. We all have dreams where we find ourselves in compromising situations with people we would never admit to in social situations. Steve, on the other hand, was very pleased that Alyssa wanted to join in holy matrimony with him and, subsequently (I assume) get her consumation on with him.
I work with a man who revels in his delusions on a nightly basis.