I can see you again

My glasses broke while I was on vacation (more on that later). I was never particularly fond of those glasses, the bows didnt have hinges, just flexible metal. One of the bows finally snapped off. Anyway, since there were no hinges, the bows never fully opened all the way and you couldn’t put them on with just one hand. This is something you don’t consider until you are flying down the freeway and the sun is setting and you need to change from sunglasses to regular glasses.
The good thing about those glasses was that they were so light you barely noticed them.
So I got new glasses last night. I’m pretty apathetic about the new ones. Not particularly fond of them, really, but they work. They have hinges, which is good, but they are heavier which has been irritating all day. Also, i don’t really care for how they look. But that’s its own issue.
I am pretty much incapable of picking out clothes or accessories for myself. When i pick a new shirt or pants or something, people remain politely silent. When I wear something that jen picks out for me i get all kinds of random compliments. Hairstyles that I pick out are greeted with indifference at best, so now when I get my hair cut I just tell my stylist to do his magic. I trust him because it works. So I was looking at glasses last night. Everything I picked was either too expensive or deemed not right for my face.
So I have my new glasses and they work and all, they just pretty much look like my old ones, which I didn’t care for.