My Sister

My house is kinda big. I pretty much bought the biggest house I could afford at the time. I love my house dearly, but the house is big for two people. There were parts of my house that I would not step foot in for weeks at a time. Four bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, formal living room, family room and laundry room. So many rooms.
The house is 2 floors, neatly divided. The upstairs features 3 of the bedrooms, one of the bathrooms, the kitchen, dining room and formal living room. The downstairs holds the rest. So neatly split like that. And the house is big. What to do with so much space.
Divide that motherfucker in half!
Yep, moved all my stuff out of the family room, emptied my crap out of the downstairs bedroom and cleaned everything up and looked for a renter. Since the renter would have to be allowed to use the kitchen and therefore have access to the entire house, it would have to be someone we trusted. Also, I would want someone clean, quiet and reliable. The obvious solution presented itself in the form of my sister. Clean, reliable, quiet and trustworthy. We negotiated terms and agreed on an arrangement and she’s moved in.
It’s been kind of weird so far. It was important to me that we not fall into a roommate situation or have this turn into one long sleepover. When I get home from work I have the urge to run downstairs and talk with her, but I restrain myself. She needs her privacy as much as i will need my space. I also resist the urge to invite her up to watch movies with me, I have to remember that she is renting from me and not sleeping over. I’m sure this will work itself out with time. I’m just so excited to have her here.
The other thing is food. I came home the other day and saw all this keen new food in my fridge! I was so excited that Jen had picked up different stuff for me to eat!! Wrong, it was my sister’s. Also, I came home to the aroma of freshly fried bacon. Sigh, she eats the things I want to eat but abstain from.
I’m really happy about this arrangement, I get to see my sister more often. It feels safer to have another person in the house. Our dad only has to make one stop now to see us and when I have parties she doesn’t have to worry about how she’s gonna get home!