My angry rant about happiness

This topic has come up a lot in different contexts over the past few weeks. People asking me if I’m happy, people telling me they are unhappy. People wondering how to get happy.
First off, I’m undoubtedly happy. My life kicks ass. Good things happen, bad things happen. I’m able to ride them out. Sure, it sucks on the downhill, but you get over it.
If you want to.
You’re only as happy as you want to be. If you walk through this life angry and defensive, then it’s gonna feel like life is constantly slapping you around. If you want to be depressed then it’s gonna feel like karma has laid a big old Cleveland steamer on you. Shitty things happen to people all the time. Grow the fuck up and accept it. You miss so much by being angry and depressed. You miss out on the opportunities to have fun and make memories that will make you smile and laugh later.
Who wants to be old and only remember the times they told people to fuck off over every perceived slight? Who wants to say that they are pleased with the amount of hours they spent crying under their bed?
And, frankly, people who are pissy and can’t find the fun in even the silliest of things are a pain in the ass to be around.
So my ironic, angry, ill conceived advice today is…if your life sucks so bad that you can’t even manage to find the smallest amount of joy in it, either fucking make a change or end it.