A public letter to the stupid bitch in the blue Honda with the “Start Seeing Motorcycles” bumper sticker,

Just a thought, maybe you should start seeing your fellow motorists. Seriously, look around and take notice. They exist in a physical space, much like the motorcyclists you are trying to keep safe. Sometimes these motorists might be existing in the same physical space as you might be wanting to occupy. Please notice us there.
For your own physical safety you might really want to take notice of us because someone, perhaps even myself, might not be able to brake as fast as I did today. It’s a good thing I DID brake as quickly as I did and that my brakes are new, because if your trite, socially conscious stickered, tardmobile had bumped into my car….
Well, let’s just say that the nexus of raging PMS, early period, 8 days of insomnia, no caffeine and the fact that I had not had a cigarette since 9am might culminate in me forcing you off the road, ripping your door off, ripping your head off and wedging it tightly in your ass.
Just saying, is all.