Never twice

Across the room
smoke filled and dense
I spied your hands
And across time
lyrical and damaged
I spied your hands
I saw your hands
as they opened the door
on the first date
I slipped a ring
on your finger
and held your hand close
Dizzy heights reached
petals unfurled
around your hands
Your hand
crushed in mine
as two became three
The hands that grasped the glass
tilted the bottle
amber fire poured
Reaching for me
the fist
A palm that silences
reddens surfaces
and repels
Your hands held mine
we heard the crack
Hands stuffed me
in that velvet envelope
I was delivered
never to return
by your hands
My eyes strolled
from hands to eyes
across the room,
dense and smoky
And I saw our story
blue and cold
from end to beginning
Untethered, drink down
Door behind me
our history done before it is born.