Geek Suckah

Yes, I am a geek. I finally admit it. The new issue of Scientific American came to my door today and in every issue they have a section called “50, 100, 150 years ago” where the have blurbs from Scientific American issues from 50, 100, and 150 years ago (aptly named, to be sure). In this issue they had 50, 100, 150 MILLION years ago!!! It was hysterical. Fake little articles about whales moving back into the sea, massive meteor showers, and a patented invention intended to rid the world of trilobites called “Trilo-B-Gone”. I laughed, I sighed, I declared my love for Scientific American all over again. I tried to explain it to others and i was met with blank stares. You guys don’t understand, this is really funny! Don’t you get it? Whales didn’t CHOOSE to evolve back into the oceans!!!! Sauropods were never on the moon! And the great Permian extinction of the trilobites wasn’t caused by a pest repellent!
Um… Right…. go back to your Barney Miller reruns, I’ll just sit here quietly.