Indian Food and Your Grandma

Take your time, answer the questions. I will grade each exam emailed to me. Those who earn a B or better will win a secret!
1) Gravy: roux or slurry? (2 pts)
2) Compare and contrast the fundamental concepts behind Kierkegaard’s ‘Teleological Suspension of the Ethical’ and Machiavelli’s ‘Ends Justify the Means’. Please use modern examples and motivations. (35 pts)
3) Using dinosaurs as the archetype of evolutionary modeling starting with the Permian/Triassic rise from the protomammal and following through to the Cretaceous/Tertiary extinction, explain the benefits and disadvantages of gigantism. Use this to postulate of the state of the relative gigantism of the modern human brain. (30 pts)
4) What have you consumed in the last 24 hours? (15 pts)
5) Please finish this sentence (25pts): The purchase and implementation of conception prevention devices is the responsibility of ___________
6) Simpson’s, better or worse than 5 years ago? (5 pts)
7) Do you like Indian food? (50 pts)