Retaliation and Racism

So now the ugly racists are rearing their heads. They can’t seem to separate the actions of a man and his organization from an entire race and religion. Perhaps they need to look at it another way…
Perhaps we should level Rome in retaliation for the ‘Christians’ who firebomb abortion clinics. Maybe go on a church-to-church revenge-driven rampage everytime some nut with a gun takes a shot at a doctor who is for all intents and purposes doing something wholly legal.
Or perhaps in response to the Oklahoma City bombing we should take to the streets and pull every white guy with a buzz cut and a pickup truck out and kick their asses. Send them the message that we won’t tolerate their ideals, let them know they aren’t welcome here. Send them back to Idaho and Michigan with the rest of their crazy militia brethren.
Doesn’t seem quite right, does it? We aren’t going to raze the Vatican just because a group of people with similar religious ideas did something contrary to our laws. And we are able to say that just because someone wears the sames clothes, has the same haircut and likes the same automobile as Timothy McVeigh, they don’t necessarily subscribe to his beliefs.
The retaliatory racism is the one thing that pushes my pain to anger. Blinding, white anger. It is the one thing that could possibly cause me to become violent, and I don’t like that feeling.