still tiny

There is some question about just how small my little lizards are. This is a picture of Spottiswood, the largest of the 3 anoles. Keep in mind that I have freakishly small hands.

The other 2 anoles are just slightly smaller and the gecko is very tiny but very skittish and not very fond of being handled so we leave him alone to do his thing. After we took this picture we fed the lizards some crickets and Spottiswood here managed to catch and eat one larger than his damned head practically. I was convinced he was going to burst. I found it hard to feel bad as I was laughing so hard at him sitting there with a bulging mouth and wriggly cricket legs sticking out the sides.
Today we got them some silkworms but they seem less than enthusiastic about them. Hopefully they will come to appreciate them since we have so damned many.

La Lizards

I know this should be a post about David’s triumphant return and my subsequent joy. It should be, and tomorrow it will be, but right now we discuss the homecoming of the lizard family!
The lizards arrived safely, if a little shaken by the ride. They are so so tiny and cute. I could sit for hours and watch them (actually, I do). They run around, they eat crickets, they chase each other around, they climb, they act like lizards!
This is Chicken, the house gecko, his body is probably a little more than an inch long (not counting his tail).

This is little Grellow, she’s smaller than the other two anoles, he body is probably just about 2 inches long, her tail is longer than she is.

And this is Grellow again. I just got better pictures of her than the other two and all three of them look pretty much the same (you have to watch them to really figure who is who).

You can see Spottiswood here and of course Stinkwingo is here.
So yeah, more on David tomorrow and get used to me talking about the lizards almost as much as I talk about the dogs!